Beautifully Scented Natural Soy Wax Candles
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About Us

Orla Soy Candle. Since 2005. We make eco-friendly natural soy wax candles from U.S. grown soy beans, an earth friendly renewable resource. Free of petrochemicals, phthalates and additives. Our clean burning candles have 100% cotton wicks combined with the natural soy, carefully selected premium scents & essential oils, they smell better than most! Each candle is handmade and hand poured with care.

I never thought I would be a candle maker. After sailing the Atlantic and Mediterranean and then finally deciding to finish college, I settled down and became a photo editor/photographer with a magazine in Newport Rhode Island for 10 years. Next, marriage and children and then working full time as project manager in my husband Richard's record label business.

Soon it was decided we needed another product to add to our music cd gift line. So we decided to add natural soy candles to be paired thematically with our cds. We were going to have them made off site, but the cost was too high and we wanted to control the quality and ingredients, so we decided to make the candles ourselves. (I did make sand candles in the 70's!). Richard and I took a course in Iowa on soy candle making, then spent a year developing our formulas, designing our factory, candle packaging & marketing components. It was a lot of work, especially making and testing the candles, using only wax, wicks, premium scents and essentials oils that were clean & safe for the consumer. It was a whirlwind, fun and creative. In 2005 Orla Soy Candle was born. With the help of our focus groups we developed a popular, high quality, safe, hand poured line of candles known for their beautiful fragrance and clean burning properties.

We make our candles in southern Rhode Island, exploring new scent oils, new container options and sharing ideas with our candle customers. Working in small batches with carefully selected ingredients we are dedicated to making the finest candles. Customers can choose from in stock items or we also love the process of designing custom candles for that very special event! We enjoy what we do and it is reflected in the quality of our candles.