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Quotes and Feedback

Orla Soy Candle
"Thanks so much Sue for the lovely candles and samples it was like Christmas for me today!! Hands down You make the most fabulous candles Ever!! I have tried tons and I always come back to you! Take care !"
-Michelle, Pennsylvania
"Thank you for the candles that bring us so much pleasure. They really are an important part of the haven we’ve made home, especially during this covid period when we have only been home. It means a lot to us to have the warmth and comfort of these lovely candles."
-Tavia, New York
"Sue thanks you made my day!!
I loved the photo you sent to me and the samples!!!
I will be in touch for future orders
You have The best candles and customer service" 
-Michelle, Pennsylvania
"I adore this candle! The scent is light and clean smelling (Sea Grass) and I really like the fact that the glass tumbler is just frosted glass without any labels on it."
-Michelle, Scituate, MA
"Hi Sue, It's been a long time since I placed an order. I have gotten tired of not liking the fragrance of the cheap candles I have been buying. So decided to order my very favorite candles. Thanks"
-Debby, Washington State
"What a wonderful surprise! This holiday season I was frantic. Some very kind teachers deserved gifts as they had written many college recommendations for my son. Ran into a local bookstore and discovered your candles and your music. Unfortunately, Buster, our chocolate lab shared my interest and unwrapped the candles, leaving paw prints everywhere. (Oh well, had to keep the candles.) As I am sitting here this evening I am enjoying the last of your Peace on Earth, Peppermint Vanilla candle. What a great product and a lovely surprise to discover you are a Rhode Island native state.
So just a thank you for a wonderful product. I would love to buy more..."
-Kathye, Wilton CT.
"I absolutely loved Orla soy candles! They've all but disappeared in retail settings. I don't suppose you would have a coffee scent/variety? Orla was always amazing for their fragrance blends and the smell, oh just heavenly. I love coffee, obviously, my complaint with a lot of candles is they have either too sweet a scent or something scent wise that is out of place..."
 -JS online customer
"Hi--- I was at your booth at the Boston gift show. You were so nice to tell us about your wonderful products. I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of your soy melts. I am so hooked! I have been "into" candles for most of my life and have probably tried a hundred brands and scents. I light candles every day and evening in my house. However, I never have had the quality and the long-lasting scent of your soy melts. Most impressionable is how the scent is diffused into the air and carried quite far into the rooms of my house. This is the first time I ever heard of Orla candles, wonder where you have been all these years and how I could've missed your product. Since I cannot find your candles and melts, I was wondering if I could order candles and melts directly through you. Thank you very much for taking the time to consider this request."
-Joyce, Hudson, MA
"I just got my candle yesterday. Thank you, Thank you. That was more than generous and gracious on how you handled a wrong purchase. I will enjoy my candle immensely and will most likely order again. I wish you many blessings and
success in your business venture."
-Sandi, internet customer
"Also, just for an Orla F.Y.I..the new holiday scent of (the) candle was a HUGE hit!
(frasier fir & cranberry) Have a safe New Year..."
-Patrick, Buffalo, N.Y.
"I just placed an order yesterday with Sue and she couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. I first found the Orla Soy Candle at a campground general store and fell in love with the flamenco soul fragrance (orange zest). In fact, it's the only candle I burn any more as it burns clean and has the most wonderful fragrance ever!!! Please never stop selling them!!
-Jan, Indianapolis, IN
"...the Pumpkin Pie scent is the most pleasantly scented candle for fall that I have ever come across."
-Etsy customer
“I have never come across candles like these that burn and smell great and actually perform as promised.”
-Donna, Pennsylvania
“For eight years I burned Aveda candles in my office then I found the Orla
candles and just love them.”
-Wilbur, Chicago
   "I love the candle "romance"...I burn it in my room every morning upon waking and the aroma continues to linger throughout the day. The citrus candle greets everyone as they meander thru the living and dining room...So as you see, when I'm home...I'm thoroughly enjoying my new aromatherapy scented candles."
-Yvonne, Cape Cod
"FYI - a customer just came in and bought some candles and raved "these are the best candles !! I hope you stock plenty for Christmas!!!" just thought i'd let you know how much they are loved here !!"
 -Susan, Retailer, North Carolina
"Your candles smell & burn way better than my Yankee Candles."
-Kathy, Vermont
"In my office, the candle throws so well I don't even have to light it."
-Joyce, Rhode Island
"I am so happy that I decided to try the Orla Soy Candles! They are absolutely wonderful and my customers just love them."
-Bonnie, Retailer from Iowa
"North Star Music has been an integral part of our store for over twelve years, both selling the CD's and playing them in our store. The Orla Soy Candles are a perfect complement to the CD as a gift, especially for the person "who has everything."
-Susan, The Green Door, Rhode Island
"Could you provide the locations that carry your candles in the Camarillo, CA area? I received one of your candles as a gift and I love how it retains the scent,
even to the end!"
-Diane, California
 "Your candles are the best! They create such a nice atmosphere, they smell wonderful, and the music and candle combinations make such a great gift!"
 -Jean, Georgia
"I just ordered the Beach of Dreams set from As We Change. My husband has asthma so we are very particular about the candles we burn. Your Coconut Lime candle is the nicest we have had. It is not too strong but not too light. The combination of coconut & lime is wonderful. The music is soothing and very nice. Please send a catalog and information on your stores in our area, we would like to purchase more."
-Kay, Ohio
"My neighbor gave us the Tuscan set as a thank you for puppy sitting while they were on a cruise and my husband and I enjoyed it so much so, that we wish to give similar gifts to our family and friends. The candle burns wonderfully - and the
scent is phenomenal."
-Pat, internet
"I love your candles. The scents are lovely, without being overpowering
or sickly-sweet.
-Holly, Rhode Island
"I wanted to write and express my gratitude for your commitment to making Orla candles. I have been a fan since 2008 when I purchase my first Orla Soy Candle in the lovely little town of Jim Thorpe, PA. It was the Peppermint Vanilla (Peace) with the beautiful Christmas tree on the box. It was the packaging that attracted me to pick up the box and open it to have a smell for myself. After I opened the box I was instantly pleased by the light, fragrant scent that I had to buy it. Since then I have yet to find any soy candle from expensive department stores, boutique gift shops or online candle companies that come even close to the quality, simplicity and aroma of Orla Soy Candles. I enjoy the decorative boxes and use them often to decorate during theme times at my office including employee appreciation days and holidays. Orla is a company I hope to see making candles for a very long time."
-Michelle, CTFA PA
 "Love the fragrances and the way they burn!"
-Retail store owner
"Love the candles, they are strong but not overpowering. Much better than any other candle out there. The scent draws the customer right to the candles and they sell themselves. I adore them and use them at home all the time."
-Chris, Retailer, Florida
"I received my candles & CD's today. Thank you so much. They look great and arrived just in time. I can't wait to hand these out! Have a great holiday season!
-Lori, custom label candle customer
"I received your box with the candles yesterday. WOW thank you so much. I LOVE the scents and will definitely be purchasing some for myself."
-Teresa, Texas
"...getting ready to re-launch for back to school and fall holidays. I sold all your candles and everyone who bought them gave us great feedback, nice job!."
-Bryan, Ohio